Losing my religion …meeting the scientologists of New York

Ok. Before reading any further, know that I have met Scientologists before. I even hit it off once with a Scientologist in an airport a couple of years back. She was heading off to a class in Clearwater, Florida to learn the art of “transference.”

Transference is how Scientologists leave their bodies to take a stroll through the universe without dying. She explained it to me as “hopping out” and “hopping in” at the time.

In Times Square this week, Ken and I were approached by several religious folks, all handing out tracts. There were Pentecostals, Muslims, Baptists and Cheetah Clubbers. However, the most interesting tract came from the Scientologists.

The first chapter is called “Take care of yourself.” The chapter sections are titled “Get care when you’re Ill,” “keep clean,” “preserve your teeth, and “Get rest.”

Ken and I have a tendency to switch religions a lot, so we’ve decided not to rush into this one. But just to be safe, I’m going to start taking care of my teeth.”


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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