People in NYC are so nice

It’s true: New Yorkers are incredibly nice. We made friend after friend in the crowd, made room so people could see, exchanged contact info. New Yorkers are a lot like Southerners when it comes to friendliness.

Upon returning to our hotel, we were welcomed by Shamia, from Jamaica, who remembered us from the day before. She held out a tray of incredible chocolates, the kind I sometimes splurge $3 apiece for when visiting Market Square back home.

“Here, take more, she said.” I reminded her that I was on a diet.


Next we were approached by a chef in the lobby who was offering fresh shmores cupcakes and apple cider. Again, the diet.


We have three more hours in NYC before heading back to Knoxville. We plan to spend our traditional Friday Christmas Kickoff Celebration on Market Square in Knoxville. While not quite as busy as Times Square, last year we both noted how much Market Square felt like Times Square at Christmas.

Next trip? Who knows. Send in your suggestions.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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