Hospitality of Canadian media giants more than makes up for border incident

Ken and Kevin enjoy dinner with Chris, George and Julie. The three media moguls traveled several hours each to surprise the Road Trip duo with dinner and gifts.
Having heard about their harrowing experience entering the country, three Canadian media representatives drove hours from their homes in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to welcome Ken and Kevin, displaying True North hospitality. 

Chris Ashfield, Julie Anne McCrae and George Brown came bearing gifts, much like the Wise Men of old. 

George presented maps, books and travel brochures, all carefully marked with suggested stops along the coming week. Julie brought homemade jam and a “special” hand-prepared fruit drink for the long drive ahead. Chris arranged the gathering and insisted on footing the bill for the evening’s festivities. 

One of many books carefully indexed by George with suggested stops in Saskatchewan.

Dinner consisted of Jambalaya, apparently a favorite in Regina, Chi-Chi (a hot Mexican sandwich), Polish Sausage & Cabbage, and Grilled Chicken. 

The sun doesn’t go down until 10 in Canada, so dinner ended with hours remaining to paint the town maple leaf red. 

Some of the gifts presented to Ken and Kevin sit on the table as the group reminisces about the evening’s festivities.
While Americans were captivated by a month-long basketball game, the talk in Regina was all about the big football game coming up in two weeks.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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