10 more things we learned on our road trip through Western Canada

1) Drivers always stop to let others pass.

Pedestrians, other cars, bears, you name it…if a Canadian driver has a chance to stop in the middle of the road to let someone go by, they do it.

This nice Canadian stopped to let us out of a parking lot.
We returned the favor by giving this deer the right of way.

2) It’s like being in a whole other country…sort of.

If it hadn’t been for the natural beauty of the surroundings and the unnatural friendliness of the locals, we would’ve sworn we were still in the States.

Stupid Americans…always ruining everything.

3) If you’re not in the mountains, it’s flat.

As one Saskatchewan local put it, “You can watch your dog run away for days.”

If I were a Canadian dog, I’d stick close to home.

4) Aliens are establishing a base near Banff.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They’re probably just here for the views.

They had a “Never Trump” sign in their front yard.

5) First Nation people are giants.

There’s a 300-foot tall teepee in Medicine Hat. No one was home, though.

They were probably out hunting for animal skins to cover this thing.

6) Canadians are being replaced by computers.

This is who took our order at McDonald’s yesterday.

All the teenagers must be giving tunnel tours in Moose Jaw.

7) Small towns are quaint and friendly.

We stopped in Wainwright and met some of the nicest people in a beautiful little town.

Order the curry at the Wainwright steakhouse. Trust me on this.

8) Lots of stuff is in French.

It’s a lot like the states, except in French instead of Spanish.

Mon Dieu! Tant la caféine!

9) It’s chilly here. Unless you’re a local.

All the Americans were wearing jackets and sweaters. The locals look like they’re walking around in a beach community.

We thought we were back in Southern Florida.

10) Wi-Fi and data service never work.

This guy is having so much trouble he needs two phones.

Either that or he has two girlfriends.

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