Jive turkeys of Frazee, MN love colorful language

On our way east out of North Dakota, we decided to take a brief detour through “The Turkey Capital of the World”, Frazee, MN, to find the world’s largest turkey. 

Heading into town, we discovered this guy on a downtown corner…

Then some locals told us we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The NEW and much LARGER world’s largest turkey was just a mile or so away. 

As we were meandering through town, trying to figure out directions and taking in a few of the sights of Frazee, another local actually cursed at us. 

When we finally found the location of the new Big Tom, it all made sense…

Apparently Frazeeites just love to curse. They probably have local cursing contests, sponsored by the Lions Club. 

Just a few yards from the sign was 22 feet of pure feathered-fowl glory…

So when you’re sitting down to your Thanksgiving dinner this November, spare a moment to thank the damn residents of Frazee, MN. Without them, your turkey might never have made it to your table. 

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