Day 1: Making our way to New England…Four states in one afternoon

Lots of drive time on Day 1 since we need to cover lots of miles to make it to New Hampshire by Wednesday night.

We saw more of the freeway than we like, but made lots of stops on byways to see local culture across four states: Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

World’s tallest Asian salad near Bristol, Tennessee
The exit sign near Blacksburg, VA said there was food. We exited to find this highway, and had to drive another 10 miles to food. They lie in Blacksburg.
Authentic? Not so much.
The local wildlife was so friendly.
A giant sofa covered in artificial turf. For some reason.
Diet Dew, the official drink of Ken and Kevin’s Road Trip, keeps us well hydrated.

On Day 2 we’ll make our way through New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont on our way to New Hampshire. Good thing we have another 12-pack of Diet Mountain Dew in the trunk.

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