D.C. and Knoxville compared

Our most visited post in history was our comparison of New York City to Knoxville, Tennessee two years ago (https://kenandkevinroadtrip.com/2015/07/08/nyc-and-knoxville-compared/). Today we make a similar comparison between our nation’s capital and Knoxville, Tennessee.


Though Knoxville has its fair share of museums, it just can’t compare to everything found in Washington. Plus, elephant butts are nowhere to be found in any Knoxville museum.

Advantage: Washington DC


D.C. certainly has its share of trendy restaurants, and our D.C. budget might have affected our opinion. However, comparing apples to apples, or chili dogs to Knoxville fare, the scruffy city wins out in this category.

Advantage: Knoxville


While it’s hard to complain about Knoxville prices, with all the free museums and lunch for less than five dollars total, we have to nod our heads to Washington when it comes to prices.

Advantage: Washington D.C.


Neither place has a lot to brag about. We will call this a draw.

Advantage: Tied


If it’s a cheap vacation you are looking for, it’s hard to beat our nation’s capital. However, if you are looking for a scruffy place to call home, you would be hard-pressed to beat Knoxville, Tennessee.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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