Day 3: Beautiful Keene, NH

There might be a shortage of bathrooms in New England but there’s no shortage of beautiful sights, delicious eateries and friendly folks in Keene, New Hampshire.

We also learned that Keene has one of the widest Main streets in the United States. I guess that’s to help with traffic flow for all the visitors looking for leaves (or bathrooms).

In one more week there’ll be no green left.

The weather is perfect for a stroll. Or a sit.

It doesn’t get any more quaint than that.

The local Congregational church welcomes everyone.

Get your decorative gourds while they last! Only $.79/pound.

Kevin took a break from Road Trip XXIV to speak at a local journalism convention.

Keene lost a lot of local boys in the Civil War.

If you visit Keene, eat at The Stage. Be sure to ask for Amy.

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