Road Trip XXV Day 2: The perfect storm!

We had no idea at the beginning of Day 2 that we’d barely make it to the end of the day with our lives intact.

Early in the day, we motored through Cincinnati, where we reminisced about one of our favorite TV shows and holiday moments from our childhood.

There’s not a lot to look at as you’re crossing Central Ohio but there are plenty of things to learn.

People love their donuts up here but they don’t look anything like they do in Texas.

The storm hits! In northern Ohio we were suddenly blindsided by a major blizzard! We were barely able to keep the car on the road and going in the right direction!

We stopped somewhere in the middle of the snow for a Mexican lunch to give us some warmth and energy to weather the storm. Kevin was disoriented as we tried to find a table where we could calm our distraught minds.

An hour later The Blizzard continues! Snow as high as a giraffe’s eye!

A quick stop at Home Depot so we can do our part to Rake America Great Again. Maybe we could use these to rake some snow off our road trip vehicle.

Finally out of the snow and almost to our destination… Priceline didn’t make it easy since they failed to pay the hotel for the room that we paid Priceline for.

After Kevin threatened poor Nigel at Priceline within an inch of his life, the hotel snafu was resolved and we spent some time strolling through the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (which looks strangely like Moscow).

A little sustenance was required after such a harrowing day.

We were lucky to have made it through the deadly storm alive. After some rest, we’ll be ready to see one of Bob’s great wonders on Day 3: Niagara Falls.

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