Meeting friendly servers and spreading the DMD gospel

When we stopped for a late breakfast at the Ram’s Horn restaurant in Taylor, Michigan, they told us they carried only Pepsi products.

“I’ll have a Diet Mountain Dew,” said Kevin.

“Sorry, we don’t carry that,” said Stacy, our friendly server.

“But…but…” stammered Kevin, “it’s the fourth most popular soft drink in America!”

“Sorry, we don’t have it,” she said. “People never ask for it.”

Kevin smiled knowingly. “Do you drink it? If you did, you’d be serving it to people.”

“No, I don’t think I’ve ever tried it,” said Stacy.

Kevin immediately headed to the parking lot and came back with two Diet Mountain Dews from the trunk of our car.

Stacy tried it and pronounced it heavenly. She said she’d take a bottle back home for her family as well.

We believe we’ve now converted Stacy and her family to the Diet Mountain Dew Way. Her coworker, however, stubbornly refused to try it, stating, “I don’t like diet drinks.”

As Stacy is obviously the world’s friendliest server, it will only be a matter of time till he comes around — and until she convinces her employer to put DMD prominently on the menu.

Thanks, Stacy, for making our morning brighter.

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