Ken and Kevin find kindred spirits in Ohio

After trying for three days to order a Diet Mountain Dew in restaurants ranging from the Northeastern United States to various parts of Eastern Canada, we had pretty much given up hope.

It seems no restaurant wants to offer the fourth most popular soft drink in America (Diet Mountain Dew), choosing instead to offer the ninth most popular soft drink (Diet Pepsi).

So imagine our delight when driving through the hamlet of Liberty Center, Ohio, when we ran across this.

“Are you guys taking a picture of our restaurant?” came a voice across the parking lot. It was Sue, a long-time employee of Trucker’s Paradise, who told us the little cafe has been serving comfort food from the same location for over fifty years.

When we explained why we were so excited about their sign, Sue eagerly reached into her pocket. “Check this out!” she said.

“I don’t know why more places don’t have it,” lamented Sue. “It’s such a good drink.”

We’re right there with you, Sue. Thanks to you and Trucker’s Paradise for helping us spread the word!

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