When in need of a bathroom in Napoleon, Ohio, skip the courthouse and go straight to the Chamber

We’ve all been there. Not in Napoleon, but in need of a restroom. but even with America’s largest high school shirt shop, public restrooms are few (fewer than few) and hard to come by in this lovely hamlet.

Thank heavens for the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Heidi and Ginny were more than happy to lend us their facilities.

The results? “Cleanest restroom on the trip for so sure,” noted Ken.

“Cleaner than any in New York, for sure” added Kevin.

And, if you are in need of a Napoleon tee-shirt, there are plenty to be found in this town.

And just in case you need flowers or a makeshift funeral, check out Ivy League and Design Studio on Washington Street. You’ll almost swear you’re at the funeral home back home. It smells that good.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

2 thoughts

  1. Certainly glad to have you guys in town! Sorry I wasn’t in to say Hi – but Heidi is great at taking care of anyone who stops by! Joel Miller – Henry County Chamber Executive Director

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