Roadtrip XXIV, Day 4: Probably the lowest we’ve ever been

Ken and I found ourselves in an unusual position on day four of our Southwest adventure. We agreed this day marked the low point in our thirty year friendship.

Not to worry, however. When we say “low,” we mean, literally, low. As in the lowest spot on the continent, Death Valley, California.

The ride seemed almost unreal toward the valley floor. We dropped over 10,000 feet in elevation as we descended. We both felt like the ride seemed like a video game, with a definite “roller coaster” feel to it.

Living like kings, we found the only food available this day in the valley: chicken salad sandwiches and chips. We learned our lesson: never enter a national park without a case of diet dews.

We paid special attention to various warnings before walking out to the lowest spot on the continent.

On the valley floor, it was a relatively cool 103 degrees.

After leaving Death Valley, the ride to Nevada was breathtaking.

We were surrounded by Joshua Trees much of the way.

Our reward at the end of the ride: the worlds tallest thermometer.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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