Road Trip XXVII: Starting off right with southern home cookin’ and hospitality

After an early start to Day 1, heading south out of Atlanta, we needed sustenance to help us power through the next several hundred miles.

We passed through Jonesboro, Georgia (apparently the setting for some book called Gone with the Wind — not sure, never read it) and found no suitable options, so we drove on.

Then we happened upon the little hamlet of Roberta, Georgia.

Almost immediately we found the historic downtown area, where we saw dozens of people rushing into a local restaurant.

That restaurant was Hudson’s BBQ. All those locals couldn’t be wrong so we followed them inside.

Every wall was decorated with local wildlife — which at first made us a little nervous about exactly what was going into the BBQ.

Just to be safe, we ordered the fried chicken. We were not disappointed.

Then we met Pam, whose son owns the restaurant. She was born and raised in Roberta and loves feeding her town. Currently they’re gearing up to cater Thanksgiving meals by the dozens. (Also, if you’re looking for a job, they’re hiring!)

After stuffing ourselves with chicken, we took in some of the other sights of Roberta.

So if you’re looking for a great southern meal — or just the feel of true southern hospitality, check out Roberta.

Even Willie and Bob approve.

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