Road Trip XXVII: Highlights from the first two days

It’s impossible to tell all the stories from the road (e.g., the near-topless septuagenerian in the Winn-Dixie this morning), so we like to give people a taste of our adventure through photo highlights.

So… enjoy this assortment of photos from the first two days of the trip.

Even though my heritage is Southern, I really do not understand the South.

We see these signs everywhere in Florida. Must be a retiree thing.

The owner of the CBD store would like you to know he is closed for the holiday… presumably because he’s on a turkey hunt.

God apparently failed to tell him he left a box on his bumper.

Speaking of God, Kevin would like to point out that this evangelical end times mission is dangerously close to advertising the number of the beast.

Restocking for Day 2.

The only three ingredients needed for the perfect Thanksgiving meal on a road trip.

Breakfast on the beach this morning.

I really, really don’t think the Mexican restaurant was trying to suggest anything other than an entree option.

Kevin can’t stop talking about the delicious southern cookin’ in Roberta, Georgia, though.

Personally I preferred the fish tacos.

I spent a lot of time with famous race car drivers and (ahem) insurance agents at this hotel back in my motorsports days.

We found restrooms specifically designed for tall and narrow people. They’re hiring if you fit those qualifications.

Bob welcomed us to South Florida this evening.

We made it to the Miami area in great time… Kevin drove 95. I took this pic in the middle of one of his stories.

Now that we’ve checked into our luxury hotel, it’s time to find some Mexican food (as soon as we finish this episode of The New Andy Griffith Show).

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