The Dor-Stop restaurant, Pittsburgh

Turns out we were only in Pennsylvania for a few hours, but it was worth the multi-hour drive just to eat here and meet the fun staff at the Dor-Stop. This local favorite was featured on Food Network’s ‘Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins’ a while back and is now quite famous.

They’re famous for the raspberry stuffed French toast and the jumbot, both of which we ordered. But they were so excited to have us that they just kept bringing out great food…potato pancakes, homemade hotcakes, fresh ham, etc. It was all great.

Us with the staff, Diane, Bethann, Dave and Rich.

The raspberry French toast.

True Midwestern hospitality.

Chef Dave and Chef Rich. (We had a great video of them but the sound crapped out.)

We exchanged t-shirts with them and were on our way.


One thought

  1. Pride in one’s work is a truly wonderful thing! We Swedes also love pleasing people with lots and lots of homemade food! You should come up here to northern Minnesota — I’ll get my mom to feed you, and you’ll be happy!

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