AT&T can’t walk next door

I’d say it’s about 200 yards. Maybe the problem is that the parking lots don’t connect so the vans can’t get there?

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  1. Ken, I’m an actual employee of AT&T and find your comments disturbing. I have contacted some of the management in the Knoxville area and as I understand it action has been taken to correct this problem. As you may or may not understand, AT&T has several divisions therefore you must talk to the right people. Did the customer call and open a ticket on the trouble? Did the customer call the business repair number? Does the customer have a maintenance contract for their equipment? I could go on asking a series of questions to help narrow down the problem but I will spare your readers of the post. Bottom line is the problem is important to AT&T and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

    1. John. I understand. That’s very similar to the answers I was getting from at@t 3 weeks ago when I first started calling.

      John, the top people have been in contact with me. It looks like an AT&T who’s who. And they’ve all admitted they handled this horribly.

      However, you did well. I’ve learned that the first rule of thumb at AT&T is to tell the customer they called the wrong office.

      My understanding is that my case has caused serious discussions to take place.

      1. Oh, and I liked the “important” part of your message. Had I not had a public platform, I still would be waiting to hear from someone.

        And by the way, your colleagues at the Knoxville office think ive been incredibly kind by not responding more harshly. I’ve had many behind the scenes “thank you for doing this” comments from AT&T employees around the country.

    2. John,
      You clearly don’t know Kevin Slimp. He is far from the idiot you are making him out to be. And, if a customer called the wrong number, shouldn’t your company assist them in directing them to the right person?
      Customer service. It isn’t that difficult.
      I, along with numerous publishers around the United States, can vouch for Kevin’s intelligence and ability.

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