Out of air, but not out of luck on the Idaho/Wyoming line

Our air-conditioning broke down somewhere in Utah this morning, so it’s been a warm ride up the Pacific Northwest area. Somewhere in Idaho, we realized we were going to have to do something about that, as the temperatures are projected to reach into the 90’s today.

Just our luck, we ran across the ETna trading Company, just across the border in Wyoming. They have plenty of air-conditioning.
 We met the owner, Kurt Garland, who welcomed us with a smile and a “where are you folks from?

When he found out I was from Knoxville, Tennessee, a place he lived a few years back, and Kurt livened up even more.

He asked if we would sign his table, which we did, in permanent marker.

   The nice folks at Avis in Jackson Hole tell us they have a cool car waiting for us at the airport. We’re on our way there, but won’t soon forget Kurt, Kate and the gang at the trading post.


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

5 thoughts

  1. Awesome guys! Thanks for posting. I just put your post on our page. Blessings with your endeavors!

  2. This store rocks! We are so blessed to have Kurt and Kate in our community. Glad you guys could stop and enjoy our little town.

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