Road Trip XXI is set to begin. Destination: lol. you know better.


Tonight, we head out on Road Trip XXI. That’s “21” for your non-Roman readers. We will meet at the world’s busiest airport (Atlanta), get in the car and head to parts unknown.

We’re open to suggestions, but know this: We aren’t going to Alabama or Mississippi. It’s doubtful we’ll even go through Alabama, after the Thanksgiving WalMart experience two years ago ( However, areas below Alabama and Mississippi (Northwest Florida and Louisiana) are still possibilities.

img_5216We’ve been sitting here too long. It’s time to get on the road. By Thursday afternoon, we’ll be feasting on our traditional Thanksgiving meal, which always includes two Diet Mountain Dews.

Send any suggestions along the way as a comment here, or write to us on our Facebook page: Ken and Kevin Facebook Page


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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