Want to know why the floor is wet by our table?

This is the actual shiny floor next to our table at Barbacoa Latin Restaurant in Fargo.

We tried all kinds of food on our road trips, and you may remember some of our visit to Latin/Mexican restaurants along the way.

Here’s a friendly hint from Ken and Kevin – just because were nice like that: don’t eat at Latin/Mexican restaurants.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Mexican restaurants. I’m talking about the ones that advertise themselves as Latin/Mexican. They will disappoint every time.

Oh, back to the shiny floor…

Yes, she mopped right under our feet at this expensive Latin restaurant in Fargo.
Not finding much Mexican food on the menu except $15 tacos – that don’t sound all that appetizing – Ken went for one of the few Mexican options: a bowl of taco soup which was surprisingly small for seven dollars and I went for the cheeseburger because I’m still on the low-carb diet and I can eat that without the bun.

For three dollars more, I could’ve had Latin sour cream on my burger, but I passed.

We should’ve known. The friendly folks at our hotel, which is much nicer than the hotel in Sturgis, tried to dissuade us from coming here but couldn’t bring themselves to tell us it was a bad choice.

Just to be clear, it was a bad choice! Luckily, there is a Taco John’s just down the street.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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