Day 2: Will we ever find fall color in New England?

We crossed a bunch of states as we made our way northeast to Keene, NH where Kevin will be speaking at a major local convention for smart people on Thursday.

We saw parts of Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and finally New Hampshire. Add those states to the ones from Day 1, and that makes 9 states, 2 days and 1,000 miles, all in quest of the elusive colorful fall leaf.

Finally, at the culmination of our Day 2 journey, we found some. Scroll down for the big reveal.

New Jersey ain’t got no color. Probably against union rules.
New York welcomed us with open arms but no leaves.
Crossing the Hudson … cool but colorless.
Healthy BBQ lunch in NYC…refueling for more leaf searching.
Zero leaves.
They had to get rid of all the trees to put up the buildings, I guess.
Fancy French meal…more refueling.

And finally…

Keene, NH does not disappoint. Welcome to fall in New England.

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